Manage your organisation’s resources effectively and efficiently


Print function

Ability to print calendar view, reports, letters, and customer list.

Customer directory

Enable you to manage all your customer details (e.g. name, phone, email) in one place.

Very secure

Various security measurements to prevent malicious attacks.

User action log

All actions (e.g. add new bookings, edit/delete bookings, user login) will be saved to an event log file.

Cloud based solution

ResConsole is a 100% cloud based solution and you can manage your resources from anywhere in the world.

Colourful calendar view

Resource bookings can be displayed in various viewing options.

Detect booking conflicts

Show all booking conflicts when creating new bookings or editing existing bookings.

Documents and emails

Users can generate invoices, confirmation letters and emails them via ResConsole.

About ResConsole

One solution - Many possibilities

ResConsole (Resource Console) was developed by Impelweb, to help organisations to manage their resources efficiently and effectivel. Following are some of the basic features in ResConsole and all the existing features can be customised. In addition, new features can be added to suit your business needs.